How Can Governments Help Ensure Safe Paints?

Governments can address the problem of lead in paint by establishing a legal framework that controls the manufacture, import, export, sale and use of lead decorative paints and other paints likely to contribute to human lead exposure.

  • Establish a mandatory legal limit reflecting the strictest standards in the world (currently 90 ppm total lead limit for all paints) or lower.
  • Require that brands meet the Lead Safe Standard or an equivalent third party certification of the lead content of paints with provisions that ensure a robust verification scheme and avoid possi-ble conflicts of interest (to safeguard against undue influences).
  • Utilize the Toolkit for Establishing Laws to Control the Use of Lead in Paint produced by the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint.
  • Develop public or private institutes with laboratory accreditation for analytical testing of lead in paint.
  • Require that government agencies and contractors purchase only certified Lead Safe Paint® products.
  • Ban or severely restrict the import of lead chromate pigments and other lead-based paint ingredients.
  • Join the Global Alliance to Eliminate Lead Paint and participate in International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action each October.